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Rooted in concept, my artwork today is intuitively accomplished, always evolving, and encompasses various themes.

When I began painting at age nine, I was immediately attracted to The Impressionists’ loose brushwork and their mastery of light and color. Their influence still shows in my work, particularly in my abstract paintings. My series of large, monochromatic paintings explore the coexistence of light and dark, both literally and metaphorically, while my colorful abstract paintings are influenced by nature and the proximity of water to my studio.

Language and memory is a recurring theme in some of my recent series. My text based gold leaf paintings on mirrors investigate the power of words and its different cultural interpretations. In my series of “Voicemail Paintings”, each artwork corresponds to a sound wave of spoken audio from a saved voicemail message. My “Remnant Series” is about loss, grief, and the compression of time. The three dimensional mixed media artworks are made of dried acrylic paint scraped from my palette, saved for over a decade, and cast in epoxy resin.

Today, I am still attracted to the constant struggle of losing and regaining control in large abstract painting but I also enjoy experimenting with new techniques.