Cityscapes / Mixed Media Paintings

The three dimensional quality of these works is achieved by first doing an ink drawing on acetate and then a separate painting underneath. The layers are separated by epoxy resin. You can read more about how these works were created here.

This work is based on places I have lived: France and San Francisco.

I invented this process of drawing and painting on acetate while investigating conceptual ideas of negative space in art school. I revisited this method in 2014, and I eventually started working larger and adding epoxy resin. The resin creates a glass like finish that adheres the transparency to the canvas. It also signifies a final layer of permanence. While living overseas, I often brought paintings back to California rolled up in a canvas and taken off the stretcher bars. With the epoxy resin, it is impossible to roll up the painting. I like the finality and sense of permanence that the epoxy resin creates.

My intention with my San Francisco series is to create a homogenous feeling for a city that is so economically, socially, and visually different. My challenge is to discover if, when rendered in paint, the different neighborhoods can be both aesthetically appealing and recognizable.

As an artist, I think it is important to evolve. I do not think artists should limit themselves to one specific genre. I realize that my subject matter can seem impulsive, and I therefore work in series to create a cohesive narrative.