Mirror Paintings: Cuba 2018-2019

This series of paintings on mirrors is based on photographs taken in Cuba. The paintings are not an exact copy of a photograph, but an emotional representation of a real place (with the location referenced in the title).

Painting on mirrors is challenging. I am constantly applying and removing the paint, waiting for it dry, then repeating this process until the work “feels” finished. I often leave a part of the mirror visible - sometimes only a small portion that is not so obvious, and sometimes the mirrored surface is very visible. This allows the painting to exist in a constant state of change since what is being reflected alters both the mirror and artwork. The exposed mirror reflects the viewer - it literally inserts the viewer in the painting. The spectator has an active part in deciding how the work is seen.

The square format of each painting references social media and our familiarity of seeing images this way. Each painting is signed & dated on the back and comes ready to hang.