Mirror Paintings • 2017 • Cuba Series

Available for purchase and on display 10/27/17 - 4/27/18 in Tracks and Echoes at DZINE Gallery

The Mirror Paintings are based on photographs I took in Cuba in August 2017. The vibrant colors, the sweltering heat, and the Caribbean Sea inspired this series. The paintings are not an exact copy of a photograph but an emotional representation of a place that the title references.

The painting is always changing because of the exposed mirror. When I photographed the paintings outside, I saw the blue sky reflected in my painting, and I felt like I was painting with the sky. The mirror literally puts the viewer in the painting; this shifts the role of the artist as the sole creator. The viewer determines the final but temporary result of the painting.

The 12x12" square format references social media. This seemed appropriate since the series is based on vacation photos. Each work is acrylic paint & epoxy resin on mirror, mounted on wood panel. The painting is signed on the back and can be hung in any direction.