RS (B3) • 8.5x8.25"

Nikki Vismara_8.5x8.25_Remant Series_Q3_acrylic and epoxy resin_2018_large.jpg
Nikki Vismara_8.5x8.25_Remant Series_Q3_acrylic and epoxy resin_2018_large.jpg

RS (B3) • 8.5x8.25"


Approximate Dimensions: 8.25” length x 8.5" width x 1” depth

• Made of leftover acrylic paint cast in resin. Click here to read more about this series

• Comes ready to hang!

• Signed & dated on back • Sold unframed

• Made with the highest quality, nontoxic epoxy resin available containing HALS & UV Stabilizers that protect against discoloration

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These mixed media pieces are made from dried acrylic paint that has been scraped off of my palette, saved for over a decade, and cast in epoxy resin.

As a teenager, my best friend Heather and I often gossiped in the garage, near my easel and paints and out of ear shot of any parents. I remember her peeling the dried paint off my palette one time as we sat there and chatted. After she died unexpectedly in 2007, I started peeling the dried paint off of my palette because it reminded me of her. I thought of her often when I painted. Scraping the messy dried clumps of paint away to reveal a fresh clean white surface palette was surprisingly calming and almost therapeutic. Cleaning my palette at the start of each day unconsciously became part of my studio routine. It still is today.

Sometimes there were stunning, accidental fragments of dried paint – too beautiful to put in the trash. I started saving only these “attractive” pieces at first. Eventually I saved everything. When I slowed down and took the time to really look, I saw beauty in all of the leftover pieces once destined for the trash. I collected the dry paint in a tall, clear box, each day layering the new pieces from the previous painting session on top of the old. The box filled up quickly, and I added second box… And a third… After several months I realized these boxes were like a visual diary of my paintings. And after a year, I had miniature versions of my paintings reduced to layers. What once was trash was now a visual diary of my paintings’ life: 365 days of work and emotion and happiness and sadness and everything in between all neatly condensed in a box.

It took me over a decade to figure out what to do with these scraps. After sorting and arranging the pieces, I cast them in resin. I see them as painting-sculpture hybrids or “three dimensional paintings” that can be displayed either vertically like a painting on a wall or horizontally on a shelf like a sculpture. Each side provides a different but beautiful view.