All paintings are acrylic on panel 

The Stripe Paintings are about transformation. Large, finished paintings on loose canvas are first torn in fragments and then cut into strips. The strips are reassembled and create a new, smaller artwork. It is both terrifying and freeing to work this way because the original painting is destroyed. Nothing remains precious.

The first painting was created to donate to Girls on the Run Chicago,, a nonprofit that inspires girls to be confident and healthy through running. I wanted the paintings to reflect natural elements like water and air that a runner experiences, so I chose a color palette that I felt evoked this. I added grays that allude to cement and streets since running in a place like Chicago is likely done outside. Additionally, concrete is extremely resilient, a characteristic that is important for young girls.

When finished, the entire series reminded me of spring, which is a time of rebirth. The paintings are titled after Greek and Roman goddesses. The names reference the story of Persephone, the Goddess of Spring, who is kidnapped underwater by Hades and becomes Queen of the Underworld.

The main concept of this series is deconstruction and transformation since that is what running does to a body. Running can be extremely challenging and break your body down. Yet eventually a transformation occurs, and the runner becomes stronger. My larger abstract work is about paradoxes, and these paintings also address opposing concepts. The precisely cut strips create a rigid composition, yet the painting also seems delicate because of its petite size and fluid aesthetic.

Each work is acrylic and canvas on wood panel and protected with a UV resistant varnish. The paintings are signed on the back and can be hung either vertically or horizontally.