Mirror Paintings: Cuba Series

Selected works on display through April 2018 in Tracks and Echoes at DZINE Gallery

This series of acrylic and epoxy resin paintings on mirrors is based on photographs taken in Cuba. The photos are details of unexamined spaces: decaying buildings, stained walls, and peeling paint of once-vibrant homes.  The paintings are not an exact copy of a photograph, but an emotional representation of a place that the title references. I am not interested in accuracy; that is why cameras exist.

Painting on mirrors forces me to surrender control. I create layers of varying thickness, and I am constantly removing and reapplying paint until it "feels" finished. The flat mirror tile is mounted on a 12 x 12 inch wood panel and sealed with a top coat of epoxy resin. 

In several of the paintings, the mirror is left intentionally visible. The reflection alters the artwork, and the exposed mirror literally puts the viewer in my painting. Conceptually, this shifts the role of the artist as sole creator. The square format of each painting references Instagram and our familiarity of seeing images this way. Each work is signed on the back and can be hung in any direction.

All works are acrylic, epoxy resin, and mirror tile mounted on wood panel. 12x12 inches. Click here to buy