This series of paintings on mirrors is based on voicemails I have saved since moving back to America in 2013. Each painting is an emotional representation of speech that has been extracted from the voicemail and digitally converted to a sound wave. The titles reference this language and the number corresponds to the date the voicemail was received. 

I chose to use voicemail messages since they are fragments of our identity; conceptually, isolated voicemail messages can be viewed as a type of deconstructed self-portrait. I worked with an intentionally limited and muted color palette to reinforce the idea that there are many “gray areas” in life. Both the context of the phrase used and the person who left me the message are intentionally omitted. This allows the paintings to waver between public and private, the familiar and the unknown. I chose to paint on mirrors since they are literally a reflection of the self. The square format of each painting references our familiarity to seeing images this way on social media and the fragmented self portraits we create online.

This was work was done for the upcoming exhibition Cracking Nutshells at DZINE Gallery.